The LPS Experience

Experience. It’s what teaches you right from wrong, what works and what doesn’t. It sets you apart and shows others that you are an expert. At Lightning Production Studio we are proud that our team of professionals brings their many years of experience to work for you. This dedication has bred success for those who have come before, and our success shows in that most of those same clients are still with us today. We are here to build your business and at the same time build a relationship that brings you confidence in all that we do for you. We work hard to earn your business and your trust. Then we work even harder to keep you happy and growing. Being a full service advertising agency coupled with in-house production services means we can offer your business the advertising expertise it deserves, no matter what mediums you wish to use, and get the work done exceptionally fast. Partner with us today, and discover what it means to be a member of the Lightning Production Studio family.


Use LPS to Create High Definition Commercials and Promotion Tools That Help generate Higher Sales for you Business.


Take your online marketing to the next level with Strategic Online Social Marketing Plans that Create a Community around your brand.


Make your Business Standout online with Top of the Line Website Development that repesents your brand in the best way. Create a ecommerce marketplace that will generate high online sales.


Create High Quality Graphics That Promote your business. From Banners, Logos, and Web Graphics, LPS Advertsing has you Covered.


We work with Clients From All over the World to Help them Generate a presence worldwide.

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